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Welcome To Sonali Enterprises

Sonali Enterprises has been a strong presence in hardware sales and service , the company was started and established in 1995.We are well aware of the need to keep abreast of new concepts in our field and we strive to maintain the optimum in service and products available in today's market, which has enabled us to maintain our competitive edge.We not only supply a wide variety of hardware products specially Floor Springs,Door Closer,Glass Door Handles etc., but we back this up with a highly trained and readily available service team. We offer an extensive selection of quality hardware products including door closers, floor springs, locks, hinges, and many other hardware materials. Beyond this, we are providing maintenance and services and also annual services to many leading and pioneer orgnaizations including small scale and large scale industries in Pune. Throughout these many years in business we are grateful to have developed many valued relationships with customers and suppliers. Building on this history, we look forward to a future of continued success.

Our Skills

For over 15 years Sonali Enterprises has been providing servicing in hardware materials.Through thses years we are delivering the highest level of Customer Service in the Industry.Our employee's experience, and our relationships with all the major industry manufacturersand our clients, allows us to be professionally able to specify, , perform on site inspections, expedite, install and maintain the most complex door opening systems. Furthermore, we maintain a comprehensive quality control program that involves multiple reviews of product.This "one call gets all" convenience is not just limited to door opening systems. We also specify, schedule/detail, expedite, install and maintain many other products. In doing so, Sonali Enterprises is your leading single source provider of countless products and services. With advanced automated equipment and highly trained mechanics, we are providing services and sales at reasonable rates Our state-of-the-art methods ensure a high standard of quality control as well as the ability to meet large volume requirements.

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