Door Closer

Door Closer

We,Sonali Enterprises, are supplier/dealer/wholesaler of imported as well as local Door Closers such as Dorma,Godrej,Ozone,Enox,Hardwyn,CPY etc. We are giving 100% quality assurance for sales and services for Door Closers.

We are giving service in Door Closer repairing , fixing/fitting/installation (in Pune and surrounding) and Door Closer AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract) in Pune and surrounding area since long time. We are giving 100% quality assurance for sales and services for Door Closer.

Floor Spring/Door closers also play a role in maintaining average cooling temperatures, since colder air doesn't vent out for longer periods if the door remains closed for longer periods on average. Floor Spring/Door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door, in general after someone opens it, or after it was automatically opened. In addition to the closer's performance in fire situations, other criteria may include resistance to opening forces (for use by disabled or infirm), control over the rate of closing, safety, durability, risk of vandalism, and aesthetics.

Floor Spring/Door closer stores the energy used in the opening of the door in a compression or torsion spring and releases it to close the door. Some closers allow for adjustment of the strength of the spring, making it easier or more difficult to push the door open. To limit the speed at which the door closes, most door closers use hydraulic (oil-filled) dampers, although spring mechanisms may also be used for damping.

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